Our Order Terms

Steps for Better price

• Each customer inquiry is to be detailed as much as possible, including description of styles, fabrics and yarns, constructions and weight and carton quantity with inner box quantity.
• Approximate quantity or container to be ordered for the products.
• Size chart or measurement such as half chest, body length, sleeve length for shirts, T-shirts, polo shirts, sweaters and waist, out seam, inseam, Thai for trousers and shorts with size ranges are all required.
• Bespoke or high-fashions item inquiries would require sketches, pictures or detailed descriptions.
• CATCO has a policy of offering prices in FOB.
• Specify whether product prices would need GSP privileges (only for the European Market ).
• Indication of fabric and yarn origins and whether they should be local fabrics or imported as we do source fabrics from the most suitable sources including Europe, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan and Thailand.

Order Procedures after confirmation of Final Price

• Primary Stage - Product sampling is done with the same quality fabrics and yarns for style approvals. In the case where fabrics and yarns are unusual, they will be provided in the same quality but in swatch form, or we will make the sample available in near quality fabrics or yarns for style approval ONLY. The samples are free of charge but buyers are to pay associated courier costs. In the case where product samples are needed in larger quantities, this will take 15 working days and costs will be estimated subject to the nature of the sample materials.
• A purchase/order sheet and L/C are required for order processing.
• Once the style is approved, the colour/designs details are required for LAB-DIPS and approval requests are then sent to the customer. Colour/designs and LAB-DIPS, along with quality cuttings, are to be sent via pre-paid freight for approval prior to bulk materials production.
• Once the lab-dips of materials is approved, the materials will then proceed to bulk production. After completion of bulk productions, specimen materials samples are sent to the customer for approval. The bulk productions of materials or final products are under the tolerance of +/-5% in accordance with international textile regulations.
• Once the bulk material’s is approved, the size set samples are produced for approval prior to bulk production.
• After receiving the prior bulk products approval, the bulk production process begins.
• A final product sample specimen for each style will be sent to the customer for shipping reference.
• We accept inspections by any international inspections agency at the expense of the customer. In the case of third party inspection authorities, CATCO will conduct a random final inspection in addition to its daily online inspection as part of its overall responsibility.

L/C Formation:

• 100% Irrevocable & Transferable Letter of Credit (L/C)

Payment Terms:

• By 100% L/C at Sight.
• T/T: 70% advance and 30% on ready of Goods with inspection before shipment.